The Core VIP

We welcome The Core VIP as a new advertising partner.  Here is a bit of info about The Core VIP

WELCOME TO THE CORE VETERAN INTEGRATION PROGRAM, where teaching people to honor the greatness within is our number one priority. Our mission is to restore an expression of gratitude to our military for their service to our country, and to promote healthy lifestyle and coping skills to service personnel and their families. At The Core V.I.P. we feel that every American citizen has an obligation to support and provide service to the courageous men and women that sacrifice their lives for our freedom. Our hope is that every American will take time to understand the challenges our warriors and their families face upon returning home from active duty. Our program is unlike any other in that it provides a FREE once in a lifetime experiential opportunity for families to come together in a relaxed atmosphere and re-unite. For six days and five nights families will be able to enjoy: motel lodging, food, transportation, adventure activities and much, much more. Thanks to the selfless donations made by businesses and individuals nationwide this the all-inclusive retreat is free of charge. Through our tried and true experiential based model families will learn to enhance relationships, build trust and self-worth, problem solving, improving communication and most importantly learning how to honor the greatness within. Our purpose is to build relationships of trust between each veteran and The Core VIP. Our hope is that through the experience we create, each veteran will realize that The Core VIP offers various programs and provides on-going assistance to ensure that each soldier integrates back into home, family and career with the support and tools necessary to continue a successful life.


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